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Oil and Gas Technologies Consulting and Technological Solutions


Our company, GC «Center», successfully provides innovative technical, technological and consulting services to oil and gas companies.

Since the company was founded in 2008, we have tested the latest own methods of production, transportation, refining of oil and gas.

In less than three years, we have developed into a mobile technology company, and since August 2014, our company has started cooperation on the implementation of our technologies in oil and gas fields with one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, Rosneft.

We are constantly developing and improving the efficiency of our technologies and quality of provided services.

All our technologies are created on the basis of intellectual property and developments of specialists of the highest category, Mr. Kagirov Abdul-Hakim, and Mr. Kagirov Idris.

Also, our developments go through laboratory, bench and experimental-industrial trials in real conditions on existing wells of various oil and gas fields, which are scattered throughout the territory of Russia and CIS countries. Experimental-industrial trials of Technologies and Know-How «GK Center» were carried out in different time periods on the oil deposits of such companies as Rosneft, Grozneftegaz, Samaraneftegaz, Uzbekneftegaz, Uzmal Oil, Kyrgyzneftegaz, Tatneft, Tatnefteotdacha, Fergananeft, Mubarekgaz, Andijanneft, Leninabadneft, Gazpromneft, Surgutneftegaz, etc. 

Currently, we cooperate with various oil companies in the selection of technologies and equipment to increase oil production, to optimize the existing technological processes of production and transportation of hydrocarbons, as well as to solve other technical and technological problems that arise in the manufacturing areas and in the exploration of oil and gas reserves.




·         Analysis of the technical condition of existing equipment and production wells.

·         Analysis of suspended well stock and analysis of the state of injection wells.

·         Analysis of technological equipment of the customer.


·         Providing effective methods to increase the production, transportation and refining of oil and gas.

·         Provision and supervision of equipment.

·         Authorship supervision.


·         Outsourcing of own technologies and technological solutions

·         Outsourcing of main business processes and maintenance of technological equipment

·         Outsourcing of special technological works


·         Increase in oil and gas production through the use of technologies

·         Commissioning of suspended well stock

·         Reduction of injection well costs



·         Analysis of previously applied method for increasing production, transportation and refining of oil and gas

·         Technology selection and modeling of technological processes

·         Development and implementation of specialized technological solutions


·         Development and provision of necessary technologies, intensification of production, refining and transportation of oil and gas

·         Development of technological regulations of possible works

·         Supply of technological equipment sets.


·         Provision of license agreements for own patents and technologies


·         Support for signed license agreements


·         Consultation on the transfer and acquisition of license rights


·         Development of solutions for overcoming crisis situations arising from the decline in production and refining of oil and gas


·         Crisis management of small production wells, suspended wells and injection wells


In modern oil and gas production, which are necessary to meet a number of human needs, drilling is used with which you can extract the targeted substances from their reservoir deposits. Operation of an oil well can occur in various ways, the choice of which depends on the characteristics of the rock layers in which the well is drilled, as well as its own properties. The choice of method of operation can be influenced by the structure of oil and gas, the degree of water cut, fluid pressure in the wellbore and a number of other factors.

Reservoir energy also plays an important role in the choice of the method of operation of the well, so oil and gas products can be extracted through the free-flow, pumping or gas lift methods of operation. All these types of methods are known under the common name – artificial lift (oil and gas).

Producing wells are divided into several types according to the method of operation:

·         Free-flow

·         gaslift

·         pumping

Free-flow wells are highly liquid wells in any oil company, but the blowing of any wells decreases over time and for further production it is necessary to transfer the well to one of the mechanized methods of production.

After the transfer of wells to the mechanized method of production, in wells with a depth of more than 3000 meters, centrifugal pumps with submersible electric motor (ESP), electric screw pumps (ESP) or diaphragm devices (EDP) are usually used, and in shallow wells with complicated production conditions (the presence of aggressive environment, corrosive liquids and sand) rod depth pumps (RDP) are most often used.

Often, for more intensive production in the developed fields, technologies for maintaining reservoir pressure (MRP) are used. For this method, injection wells are used, which are transferred from field producing or newly drilled wells. Through injection wells in the reservoir is pumped reservoir water.

In addition to producing and injection wells in the fields there are special (evaluation, control, observation, piezometric), supporting (water intake, water absorption), liquidated and suspended wells.


Our company provides a range of technological consulting services in the field of oil and gas production, aimed at the design and implementation of technological solutions to improve the efficiency of business processes of oil and gas companies. The main goal is to develop such technological solutions that will help to optimize the activities of oil companies in production to maximum efficiency.

Simply put, this is a consultation of our company, which helps to solve the following tasks:

·         Analysis and qualified evaluation of previously used technological solutions and technologies to improve oil and gas production.

·         Assessment of the technological efficiency of the methods and technological equipment proposed by us for the intensification of oil and gas production.

·         Modeling of the long-term roadmap for the implementation of special technological solutions aimed at improving oil and gas production, taking into account the previously used methods and technologies.

·         Supervision of the implementation of selected and approved technological solutions.

·         Control over the operation of technological equipment for the intensification of oil and gas production


Our technical solutions are the choice of the correct, cost-effective, environmentally friendly methods of increasing oil and gas production.

The choice of the method of production intensification for the oil company-customer should have obvious advantages over other methods of intensification and lead to better, more significant end results.

The technology or method of intensification of oil and gas production is realized through the use of sets of technical equipment at the wells of the oil company-customer services.

Our company provides special technological equipment to the oil company – customer on a contractual basis.

After delivery of sets of equipment to the customer, we in the stipulated time-frame carry out installation and supervision of this equipment. Specialists of our company go to the warehouse or customer base, or provides a plan for the assembly of the supplied equipment or remotely carry out installation supervision.

Also, for qualitative fulfilment of obligations, our company carries out authorship supervision over the implementation of all works that are necessary to obtain the expected results from the application of technology or method of intensification of oil and gas production.


Our company has developed many technological solutions at the request of different oil and gas companies.

The customer provides full information on wells and oil and gas fields. As a result of the processing of the information received, our specialists begin to simulate technological scenarios for the intensification of oil and gas inflow.

For example, for production or injection wells of flooded fields with complicated geological structure of formations, our company is ready to offer a method of two-phase additional perforation of wells. This technology allows you to deepen into the reservoir with a heterogeneous structure by creating deep fractures, which allows you to increase the flow of liquid into the production well or the intake capacity of the injection well even after one technological impact.

After negotiation and approval by the customer of technologies of intensification of oil and gas production, our company begins work on the development of technological processes that need to be implemented in the production or injection wells.

At the same time, we are engaged in the production of unique technological equipment and the creation of special technological regulations for the effective use of the methods of intensification of oil and gas production approved by the customer.

Delivery of special technological equipment is carried out on a contractual basis in a timely manner and in the agreed completeness.


Our company takes an active part in the market of oil and gas technologies and service. Often there are needs for partners who are engaged in servicing oil companies and are based in remote regions of Russia or in the CIS countries.

Some technologies of our company since 2010 are used by the oil companies on the basis of the license agreement, and service of the equipment delivered by us is carried out by local service companies on the basis of outsourcing contracts.

Our company, «GC «Center», has experience in supplying its own technological solutions and technological equipment to oil and oil service companies under license or outsourcing agreements. Outsourcing contracts allow our company to improve service and reduce the time of repair of technological equipment supplied by us.

Transfer by our company on outsourcing of the part of service functions and business processes connected with service and repair of the equipment delivered by us, allows to reduce costs of the maintenance of huge staff of highly paid experts and expensive special equipment that finally positively influences the price of our services for the end customer.

This practice is widely used by us in geographically remote regions, respectively, service or repair of technological equipment is carried out by our partners in the agreed with customer’s terms.

In addition to services for the maintenance of our equipment, we involve outsourcing companies for special technological work. These works are usually associated with geophysical surveys, with special works on the arrangement of wells, with dangerous and other special works.


«GC «Center» has many own and licensed developments in the oil and gas industry.

These developments have different forms of use.

We have technologies that have valid patents of the Russian Federation. These technologies are available to our customers only on the basis of license agreements registered in Rospatent. We conclude license agreements for patents on several parameters: the territory of use, the period of use and the number of wells.

Promising developments that are designed as Know-How are transferred to our customers only on the basis of agreements on the transfer of Know-How. These transfer agreements are concluded taking into account the same parameters as in the patent license agreements.

«GC «Center» complies with all its obligations under the concluded license agreements with customers, registers these agreements in the state registration chamber of Rospatent, pays all costs for maintaining license agreements and patents within the stipulated time.

Our specialists also provide consulting support for all legal transactions related to the transfer, acquisition and extension of license rights to

our technology and Know-How.


Our company develops and implements for oil companies-customers program activities to improve the efficiency of oil production through the development and implementation of innovative technologies, optimization of well stock and improvement of the field development system.

In the program activities we allocate the main directions:

·         Search for programs that maximize the volume of profitable production and the level of extraction of residual reserves that will allow to increase revenues and reduce specific fixed costs of maintaining the infrastructure.

·         Search for programs aimed at direct reduction of operating and capital expenditures

·         Optimize oil production from existing wells by applying the methods of intensification of oil production, optimization of the system of reservoir pressure maintenance, etc.

·         Detailed analysis and economic assessment of opportunities for conducting geological and technical activities on inactive wells.

·         Renewal of wells from inactivity and suspension.

·         Reducing the cost of injection well costs by increasing reservoir capacity.

The increase in oil and gas production through the use of innovative technologies, the commissioning of inactive wells and the increase in reservoir capacity in injection wells allows to obtain a significant reduction in production costs. The results of our program activities can increase the volume of oil and gas production in the fields of our customers.


Anti-crisis measures are defined in general terms by legislation as part of the formal bankruptcy and financial recovery process. Internal crises and bankruptcy of companies are possible in all sectors of the economy, including such potentially profitable as the oil and gas sector.

The oil companies in most develop successfully, but individual companies, for various reasons, require implementation of anti-crisis measures and optimization of key production processes.

The crises of oil companies have several fundamental causes.

Such reasons include disproportions and imperfection of the management structure, dishonesty and incompetence of management, incommensurably high level of costs for support of production processes and the most important reduction of hydrocarbon production, which is the basis of the oil business.

In connection with the above, there is a need in oil companies to develop special approaches to the formation of anti-crisis measures.

The purpose of our company is the scientific justification and development of practical technological methods of crisis management of the main production processes (oil and gas production).

Achieving this goal involves the following tasks:

·         Identify the main factors and causes (decline in production, inactive wells, increased costs) of the crisis;

·         Development of technological methods for the oil company in relation to specific production processes at wells and oil and gas fields;

·         Recommend practical implementation of the proposed crisis management methods in the oil company based on the forecasted results.

·         Implement the anti-crisis management methods developed by us for the production activities of the oil company.


Technology of Vacuum Pulse Action (VPA) with the use of pump USNK-2.

·         Highly effective for use in low-and medium-yield wells;

·         Allows the extraction of formation fluid simultaneously with the conduction of vacuum-pulse effects on the bottom hole zone of oil-bearing formations;

·         Easy to maintain and reliable in operation;

·         Environmentally friendly

·         Applicable in any productive lithological formations;

·         Has no restrictions on use in fields with high water content (up to 100%);

·         Has no restrictions on the use of high-viscosity and high-sulfur oil fields;

·         Processes the formation around the clock, for 7 days or more;

·         Allows an unlimited number of effective processing on the same wells, which is an undeniable advantage compared to traditional acid treatments;

·         In accordance with technological regulations, the overhaul period of technological equipment is from 300 to 500 days;

·         Applicable to previously planned or scheduled well repairs.

·         Adaptable to geological and physical conditions of deposits;

·         Flexible in use with any standard equipment and infrastructure of service companies for repair and development of wells;


When using Technology of VPA, it is necessary to follow the technological regulations and conduct mandatory monitoring of the work of ground equipment (Rocking machine, wellhead equipment, polishing rod, sling belts, electric motor, connecting parts, etc.) and underground equipment (pump USNK-2, couplings, rods, packers, etc.).


The technology of perforation of the well, cased with pipe using a Hydraulic Device K-2 (HDK-2) for hydraulic fracturing of formation and for subsequent processing by chemicals bottom hole formation zone.

The technology of perforation with the use of HDK-2

·         Highly efficient in use;

·         Easy to maintain and reliable in operation;

·         Environmentally friendly;

·         Applicable in any productive lithological formations with reduced permeability;

·         Has no restrictions on use in fields with high water content (up to 100%).

·         Has no restrictions on the use of high-viscosity and high-sulfur oil fields.

·         Applicable in wells with high-paraffin oil.

·         Adaptable to geological and physical conditions of deposits.

·         Flexible in use with any standard equipment and infrastructure of service enterprises for underground repair and development of wells.


When using the HDK -2 technology, it is necessary to follow the technological regulations and conduct mandatory monitoring of the ground equipment (wellhead equipment, acid unit, compressor, pipes, fittings, etc.) and underground equipment (tubing, HDK -2 devices, couplings, packers, etc.).

Technology for extending the term of well blow-outs using the device PPK-2:

·         Highly efficient in use for free-flow wells;

·         Environmentally friendly;

·         Easy to maintain;

·         Reliable in operation;

·         Has no restrictions on use in fields with high gas factor;

·         Applicable at the last stage of flowing wells;

·         Reduces the flow rate of associated gas;

·         Keeps the formation energy of oil and gas fields;

·         Increases oil production;

·         Extends the life of the flowing wells at 1.5-2 years;

·         Applicable in wells that require mechanization of the oil and gas production process, which is an undeniable advantage compared to other technologies;

·         Adaptable to tactical and technical characteristics of wells;

·         Flexible in use with any standard equipment and infrastructure of service enterprises for underground repair and development of wells.


When using the PPK-2 Technology, it is necessary to follow with the technological regulations of works and conduct mandatory monitoring of ground equipment (wellhead equipment, tubing, service special equipment, connecting parts, etc.) and underground equipment (tubing, PPK-2 device, couplings, packers, etc.).

The technology of two-phase well perforation (Two-Phase WP) is a generation technology through the use of cumulative perforators of focused gas-hydraulic wedge, which creates a network of volumetric and extended cracks in the bottom-hole zone of the productive formation.

Two-phase well perforation technology (Two-Phase WP):

·         Increases the permeability of the reservoir;

·         Improves filtration characteristics of the reservoir;

·         Applicable in reservoirs with low permeability;

·         Creates long and volumetric cracks in the bottom-hole zone of the oil and gas reservoir;

·         Aligns the flow profile of the reservoir fluid;

·         Allows to increase the drainage radius of the bottom-hole zone of the productive formation;

·         It is made in two phases (two releases of the equipment) for one approach to well works;

·         Applicable in injection wells;

·         Increases the production of oil;

·         Allows you to replace works such as hydraulic fracturing and drilling of sidetracks;

·         Increases the overhaul period of wells;

·         Environmentally friendly;

·         Carried out by the geophysical service company;


When using the Two-Phase WP Technology, it is necessary to follow with the technological regulations and conduct mandatory round-the-clock monitoring of all agreed works.

New method of oil production using a Screw Pump Complex K-2 (PVNK-2).

The method of oil production with PVNK-2 allows:

·         Conduct oil and gas production by stationary or mobile pvnk-2 complex;

·         To develop remote fields or clusters of wells in which production is impossible in other ways;

·         Develop wells without operating equipment (tubing, pumping equipment, etc.));

·         Develop distant oil and gas wells using the mobile pump complex PVNK-2;

·         Produce oil from unmanaged and non-electric wells and fields;

·         To conduct the reanimation of suspended wells;

·         Exploit unpromising wells that are in the last stage of oil and gas production;

·         Produce reservoir fluid at any depth of the well;

·         Produce reservoir fluid in wells with aggressive chemical environment;

·         Develop wells with a high content of water, salts and mechanical impurities;

·         Produce hard-to-recover high-viscosity oil with low paraffin content;


Equipment PVNK-2 is reliable in operation and environmentally friendly. The method of exploitation using PVNA-2 is significantly effective in costs.


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